I love cars (automobiles). My favorite is the Audi R8. The R8 is a rare and exclusive supercar with high design, captivating refinement and a heritage of racing dominance. I’d tell you more about the R8 but I would only bore you with my admiration and passion for something you probably have little interest in. So instead I’m going to discuss why I love cars in general. But first, let me remind you of my last blog where I told you about my love for the church.

In my last blog I told you, “My love for the church is so strong that I’m an opponent of the popular view of church that’s beginning to take root in Western society.” I defined the church I love like this:

“. . .the ekklesia, – that is the “called out ones,” who are working diligently to follow Christ, love and relate to one another, disciple everyone they meet, operate in the power of the Holy Spirit and use the gifts He has bestowed upon them and thereby demonstrate the power of the Kingdom of God and advance said kingdom everyday in every way they can . . . ”

Let me use cars as an illustration to demonstrate the difference between the institutional church system that Christians often call “church” and the ekklesia of God. As I do this you will become familiar with the reasons I have to love cars.

Follow the logic . . .

God uses institutional churches. Yes, He does. God also uses cars but that doesn’t make cars churches.

God has believing people in these institutional churches. Yes, He does. Many of God’s people also drive cars. In fact I drive cars. But just because you can find believers in cars doesn’t make those cars churches.

God uses institutional churches to save people. Correct. However, I attended an institutional church throughout my childhood, yet, even though I was baptized and confirmed in the faith (outwardly) I was not saved in that institutional church (something I had difficulty excusing and forgiving later after I was saved). No, I was saved in a car, along the side of the highway between North Platte and McCook Nebraska. But the fact that people can and do get saved in cars does not make those cars churches.

God uses institutional churches to teach Christians. Correct again. But on many occasions I have either been taught by someone as we traveled in a car, or I was the one who taught someone else in the car. This usually happens on longer road trips but it can happen on a trip across town. I listen to teaching on my cars sound system. I even pray while I drive and the Holy Spirit teaches me as I am transported from one place to another. But the fact that people are taught heavenly truths in cars just as they are taught similar truths in church does not make the car a church.

God’s people worship God in institutional churches. Yes, but I fellowship with the Lord often in a car. I have had some of my best times of praise and worship in a car. I have even sensed God’s presence to the point of tears in a car. But that doesn’t make my car a church.

God loves the institutions we call “churches.” Really? How can you be so sure? Does He love cars too? Reflect on the above and tell me why He would love a religious institution more than He would love a car, when in fact He has chosen to use both. God certainly loves His people who are often in various religious institutions, but to say that He loves a system or an institution is something open for debate.

Just like I love cars, you may love some other inanimate object. But let’s not confuse our love of a thing or an institution with God’s love for the same thing. The truth is sometimes hard to take, but the truth is the truth. God doesn’t love the institution we call church; He loves the church, the ekklesia. It’s you and me who can mistakenly love the institution we call church while we fail to love the ekklesia of God.

My Point: I deeply love the church, but I do not love the religious systems that call themselves “churches.” Such systems are not the bride of Jesus Christ. My feelings toward them are pretty much the same as cars; they can be used for good or bad; but they aren’t “sacred” and should never replace or substitute the ekklesia. Further, I have no loyalty nor allegiance to these systems. My allegiance is to Jesus Christ, God’s Kingdom, and the body of Christ.

The ekklesia is the fiancé/Bride of my Lord, and Jesus is out-of-His-head in love with her. A person cannot rightly love Jesus and hate His Bride. Neither can they honor Him properly by replacing His glorious Bride for a man-made substitute that has co-opted her name. Jesus isn’t coming back for a building, a denomination, an order of worship, a clerical organization, or a religious system. He’s coming back for a Bride and her name is The Church.

There is widespread confusion today because some have confused the ekklesia with a religious system. If one is critical of the religious system, some confuse it with an attack on the ekklesia.

And therein lies the rub.

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4 Comments to “Why I Love Cars”

  1. Hal says:

    Beep! BEEP!

  2. Motivator says:

    I’ll take that as a note of approval, Hal.

  3. Jean Hendryx says:

    I agree completely. I sometimes think of the Holy Spirit as like electricity or wind or even the internet. You cant see Him, but you can see the effects of Him like you can see the effects of those other things that I mentioned, like light, heat, trees blowing, waves on water, video or a blog on the computer screen etc. We can experience God’s presence pretty much anywhere, and we spend a lot more time outside the church building than inside. Wasn’t the veil ripped in half to symbolize the Holy Spirit being able to leave the Holy of Holies and cover the earth. The Holy Spirit always had good reception and isn’t dependent on radio towers.

  4. Motivator says:

    Great comment, Jean. The Holy Spirit goes with us wherever we go and His power is resident within us. And, we have been commissioned to GO – Make Disciples – and Advance the Kingdom of God. We certainly can’t do all of that from inside a building. Thanks for the comment!

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