I love the Church. I have a qualified dislike for the institutional version of the church. But the Church is a beautiful thing.

One of my pet peeves about the institution is its overwhelming desire to “get it right”. That desire has consistently led Christianity down the dirty road of division and pride. I think this little illustration says it all in a nutshell.



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2 Comments to “Get It Right!”

  1. I’m like you. I love the church and believe it is an integral part of our relationship with other believers. Without human interaction on a regular basis with like minded individuals, we wouldn’t know what our spiritual barometer says about us (how prideful, selfish, loving, obedient or fearful we really are etc.). If we can just allow God to fix us, instead of trying to come up with the perfect formula to “do” Jesus or “grow” congregations I think we’d have more disciples and less division in the body.

  2. Motivator says:

    I agree Denise. Wouldn’t there be more glory in the church if we had more disciple making and less division? We can pray! I’m sure our God is working in and through us to do His good pleasure.

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