I’m a bit of a Star Trek fan. When “The Next Generation” came out one of my favorite characters was Captain Jean Luc Picard. And one of my favorite lines from that character was repeated in almost every episode. After having commanded the crew to “Plot a course to . . .” and the crew having completed that task, Captain Picard would then give the command to “Engage!” hurling the Star Ship Enterprise into warp drive and delivering the ship and her crew at a distant destination within minutes (TV time). “Engage!” It’s a command we in the Body of Christ need to obey more frequently.

Being baptized in/with the Holy Spirit is not about speaking in tongues; it’s about having the power to exercise the authority Jesus placed in us, the Body of Christ. Too often, rather than seeking an engaging relationship with the Holy Spirit which would allow us to exercise our authority, we get lazy or reticent about that relationship and we try to justify why God’s power and authority are not seen in our lives. That’s when we mistakenly follow a person who is demonstrating the authority of God by engaging the use of the power of the Holy Spirit. We then think we are seeking Jesus. Instead, we are seeking signs and wonders.

I urge us all to engage God in the form of the Holy Spirit as we follow Jesus. We should regularly ask for a fresh anointing in the Holy Spirit. Engage! Then we won’t have a need to follow people who have engaged Him. Instead we’ll be one of those people and we’ll be able to function within the Body of Christ to accomplish God’s will on earth. We won’t have to chase after miracles. Miracles will follow us when we follow Jesus and develop our relationship with the Holy Spirit.

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  1. Well stated Wes. Thanks for such an “Engaging” post!

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