What you are about to read is far too shallow in its depth. I am suggesting what I am communicating is not comprehensive.

Nonetheless, its time we in the world of Christian faith begin to get gut-level honest and start to uncover our real problems.

I want to make this disclaimer to ward off objections that may arise as to the brevity and lack of depth in the article.

All the while, I am excited for the future of God’s work in America. Therefore, I am not apologizing or excusing myself in any way.


I used to be a political junkie. But no more! I hear way too many vain arguments, selfish agendas, lies, and other miscellaneous crap in the political arena to give any attention to it.

I am a citizen of the United States, but that doesn’t hold much water – not even in the polling booth – thanks to corruption. But I’m also a citizen of the Kingdom of God and that does pack a big punch. For some time now, I have chosen to be about my Heavenly Father’s business and my authority, power and influence are definitely felt in the natural world.

Our battle isn’t for more seats in the Senate or Congress. Our real battle is for more disciples in the Kingdom who carry true spiritual Authority with spiritual Power to back it up and the Mind of Christ to clearly understand and interpret the world around us. The church can’t and won’t win this battle politically. As my friend Frank V. says, “Forget about it!” The battle will be won as believers take their positions on their knees in heavenly places directing spiritual warfare from a Kingdom perspective, advancing the Kingdom of God on the earth by destroying ignorance and works of darkness.

The church went far astray when she began to fight political battles and the enemy loves this diversion. “Go ahead,” says the devil, “fight to get the Bible, prayer, and creationism back in the public schools. Go ahead, fight to end abortion and stop gay marriage. Go ahead, join the Tea Party and ‘take back America’. Go ahead! You look like foolish bigots who hate anything and everything that doesn’t agree with your moral and political positions. Go ahead! Fight! Just don’t love anyone with the love of God. You stay diverted and I keep winning!”

That may not be a direct quote but I’m sure the devil would sign off on it anyway. When will the church understand she is in a strategic battle and her present tactics are flawed? Jesus said the world would know you are my disciples by your love for one another, not by your political positioning. Come on folks! Wake up Church!

If I were on the outside looking in on the Church today, I would be tempted to say, “Jesus might have been your Lord at one time. But, I’m confused. Who are you following today?” Too often our worship sounds more like “Jesus is my boyfriend” rather than Jesus is my Savior, my Lord, and my King. Relationships within the local fellowship are strained! Our pastor might be a great preacher (and maybe not) but the church rarely lives out what she preaches. I know Jesus loves you and me but can we love one another? Oh, really? Is that why there are thousands of Christian denominations and even thousands more independent Christian churches – many who won’t walk across the street to talk to each other?

Let me put it bluntly.

I don’t believe Jesus cares how much you love Him.

In fact, I don’t believe He believes you love Him

UNTIL you can love one another.

Has the Church put a premium on “correct doctrine” while at the same time she screams at the world about the faults of being “politically correct”? Allow me to illustrate: As a Christian I find many believers encounter a major difficulty in loving their brother or sister because they so want that brother or sister to believe correctly and have sound doctrine! These believers seem to be saying, “If my brother or sister would just accept and believe sound doctrine instead of holding on to that belief which is contrary to mine, it would be so much easier for me to love him or her!”

There it is! That stinking “I’m right, your wrong” attitude that divides us so easily. It is so easy to carry that attitude way too far. It follows that if my doctrine is “right” and your doctrine is “wrong” then I can’t fellowship with you. You might make me believe incorrectly. Oh, I love you, BUT I can’t talk to you, eat with you, live with you, hug you, or die for you – BECAUSE you don’t believe the right doctrine. What? Really? Where is Jesus command to “love God and love one another” in that crazy thinking?

From a pastoral point of view, correct doctrine must be elevated and kept primary. If what a pastor teaches in his congregational meetings is wrong, people will leave. But if the people can be convinced that what the pastor teaches in this congregation is not only correct, but, more correct and even better than what the pastor down the road teaches, a pastor can enhance his ability to keep the flock together and perhaps even attract others to the flock.

Perhaps you have heard the little saying, “As the church goes, so goes the country.” I tend to agree with that little saying. The church is the moral rudder on the national ship. If the rudder fails the ship goes adrift. I believe that the root of our political turmoil in America today can easily be traced to the Church. The Church has, for years, divided over doctrine. Being right doctrinally has become the standard for fellowship. Oh, we act civilly and courteously toward one another, but we often hold on to our doctrinal superiority and maintain our doctrinal segregationist attitudes.

Could it be that this attitude has now found its way into our political system and made it as dysfunctional as the church? Are you a Fundamentalist, an Evangelical, a Charismatic, a Catholic, or an Independent? Could you just be a Christian? Are you a Democrat, a Republican, a liberal, a progressive, or a conservative? Couldn’t  you possibly be just an American?

A primary tactic of the enemy is to use our own human nature to divide us using our own deeply held beliefs, policies and doctrines. But these things, though important to each of us individually, should never divide us as a family! I’m a believer in Jesus. I’ve been made a joint heir with Jesus and you, if you are a believer. I’ve been adopted into the family of God – with you. Jesus will help me sort out my doctrinal beliefs, but He and my Father will never compromise on Their insistence that I love my family.

Regardless of the current condition of the Church, I have great hope. Even as I write millions of Christ-following Christians are hungry for the next move of God in America. The likelihood is that God will move mightily very soon and is, in fact, already moving among us. Nonetheless, what God does may well surprise many that are seeking this next move of God in America. Be that as it may, the Word of God makes it clear that God will find Glory in the Church. I happen to believe the starting point for this move of God will be a move among His people to love one another. We need not fear what God is about to do, but we must prepare ourselves to accept and embrace the new expression of Body Life, which the Holy Spirit is preparing for the Church right now.

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  1. karen says:

    good word, dear.

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