This morning I was once again out for my routine prayer/walk/run. As I went through a neighboring condominium complex the Security Guard flagged me down. It was the same Security Guard I had encountered a few months ago when a young lady attacked me in that condo complex. You can read that story at The guard’s name is Wayne. Wayne and I had become acquainted after that incident and while we have frequently exchanged greetings, we haven’t had any conversations since that incident.

This morning, Wayne flagged me down to ask me if I had heard anything about that young lady since the incident. I told him, no, but that I had often wondered what might have become of her.

“Well,” he said, “she died.”

“What!” I said.

“It’s true. She died.” he said again. “A week or so ago I had to call out JSO (Jacksonville Sheriffs Office) again on an unrelated incident. The JSO officer that responded was one of the same officers that responded when that young lady attacked you. He told me that he and the rest of the JSO officers who were trying to help her that day didn’t realize it but, when she had collapsed after resisting them so adamantly, she had died. It wasn’t until they put her in the ambulance and the EMTs couldn’t find a pulse and found out she wasn’t breathing that the JSO officers were told of her condition.”

“Oh, my!” I said, “I had no idea. After she was put into the ambulance I just resumed my walk. It didn’t even enter my mind that she might have died. I thought she had just collapsed.”

“I know, me too. The JSO officer said one of the EMTs is a friend of his. The EMT said it took 14 minutes to get to the hospital. And in that time they tried repeatedly to revive her but they couldn’t get a response. So when they got to the hospital, they simply took the body in to be placed in the hospital morgue until they could find out who she was. They pronounced her dead and had begun to do the paperwork when the young lady sat bolt upright on the gurney! The JSO officer said it scared the hell out of his EMT friend.”

Totally shocked and surprised, my only response was, “What!”

Wayne went on. “He said they kept her in the hospital for 2 days on suicide watch. But they couldn’t find anything wrong with her and she was obviously in her right mind. So after a couple of days they let her go.”


“Wes, you’re the reason that young woman is alive! No one else could do anything that kept her alive! I heard you praying that day. When JSO told me this story, I knew I had to find you and let you know that you saved that girl’s life that day. I called 911. I called the cops and the rescue unit. But you prayed! I did my job as a security guard and when I heard you praying I was really glad you were there. I’m a Christian, too. But I didn’t pray – I left that to you. Did you keep praying after you left the scene?”

“Yes, of course! I didn’t know what would happen to her and I wanted to do more for her, but I couldn’t do anything. So I kept praying in tongues.”

“Well, she died! She was dead for more than 14 minutes! And then she sat up on that gurney! And the only explanation for that is that you prayed!”

Wayne made my day today. I believe God had us both there on that sunny day in September. He did his job and I did mine. I thought the woman needed deliverance and I think that’s what happened. But it certainly didn’t happen as I would have envisioned it. She did die but when she was raised back to life, she was in her right mind – no more demons.

As I walked away from my conversation with Wayne today, the Lord told me, “I used you to raise that woman from the dead.” That totally humbled me! I wept. I am weeping now as I write this. I’m so in awe of my God!

I hope you’ll tell others to read this blog. Again you can find the first part of the story at this link:



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8 Comments to “Distressed Woman – Part 2”

  1. All I can say is “YAY, God!”

  2. Motivator says:

    Thanks for your comment Denise! I’m so thankful we serve such a mighty God!

  3. Hello Wes, thank you for your website. I enjoy reading your testimonials.
    Janet K. Durant

  4. Motivator says:

    Thank you Janet. All encouragement is welcome.

  5. Sharon Ruckman says:

    Wow! I can just imagine you standing there, and saying, “What!” :)

    In all seriousness, we NEVER know what God will do with our obedience and promptings by the Holy Spirit. You are blessed in that God told you what He did; many times, we pray, witness, forgive, bless, etc., and never know the full impact we have on other’s lives. I think God wants to see if we will obey without ever feeling rewarded. It’s a matter of trust and faith.

    I feel that the third part of the story will be when the lady shares with you just what happened. I may be wrong, but it would be just like God to bless you (and her) with your meeting again.

    I am encouraged! I fully expect to hear many more of these types of encounters when we focus on God, and not on ourselves. Like grace, we can never earn or deserve the credentialing to work miracles. It takes simple faith and trust in the character and nature of God.

    Thanks for sharing “the rest of the story.”

  6. Motivator says:

    Wouldn’t it be something if God ever allows me to meet this woman again! I would love to hear more from her perspective. I don’t know her name or where she lives, but I have to believe that if God chose to keep her here, then He has a plan for her. Thanks for your comments and encouragement, Sharon.

  7. Lavern Cole says:

    The first blog made me cry in sadness. Todays blog brought me to tears of joy! What an amazingly beautiful experience. I have to believe your relationship with Wayne was meant to be; he played an important role in this! The Lord sent Wayne to tell you ‘the rest of the story’ in His perfect timing. Wow.
    Our God and His children are so so incredible! Amen.

  8. Motivator says:

    Lavern You are so right about Wayne. He and I have developed a special friendship because of this incident. Who knows where the relationship with Wayne will go, but I’m ever so grateful for his eagerness and willingness to tell me the rest of the story. Sorry I seem to keep you in tears. ;-)

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